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CR_RandomBackgroundChanger is a CodeRush plugin for Visual Studio, which randomly changes the background image for the Visual Studio text editor. It works similar to desktop background changer programs. It is developed in C#.

You can read more about this plugin at my blog:

Options screen:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Readme for CR_RandomBackgroundChanger

Plugin Name: CR_RandomBackgroundChanger
Filename: CR_RandomBackgroundChanger.dll
Description: This addin allows you to set a background image for your Visual Studio text editor, similar to setting a desktop background image in Windows. To make things more fun you can specify a directory which is used to randomly change the background image every 5 minutes. Since readability will suffer by colorful background images you can also specify a transparency setting (default 25%), which will make the background image weaker and the text in the VS editor more readable!

What you need: CodeRush or DXCore 2.0, 3.0 or higher
Made by: Benjamin Nitschke (
Initial version : 2009-05-31 (v1.0)
Free to copy, modify, use and to destroy your productivity!

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